Waste types that can be considered “garbage”:
How to dispose of the “garbage”:

The undifferentiated and exploitable differentiated waste will have to be disposed for collection in special PVC bags with a maximum size of 110 ltr. The biodegradable waste from kitchens and canteens must be disposed in Mater-Bi bags or made of compostable materials according to UNI standards. Oils and fats have to be collected in special PE bottles or in in special containers adequately sealed for the liquids transportation. Containers must have a maximum volume of 10 ltr. When collecting the garbage the Commander or his delegate has to sign a DDT in which must be declared:

  • that the bags to not contain waste other than “garbage”, as identified by the MARPOL 73/78;
  • that food waste is not coming from Extra U.E. countries, as foreseen by D.M. May 22, 2001.

Disposal of EXTRA U.E garbage:

The WBS will apply the stamp to the MARPOL register as required by International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.

For the disposal of extra U.E waste an additional 20 % fee will be applied to the ordinary rates for collection* .

Garbage traceability:

You must be informed that the bags containing the “garbage” and collected by WBS, will be associated with a “bar code” that will be also indicated in the receipt that our operator will hand to the captain of the vessel when the garbage will be delivered. Any transgression of the rules of delivery and collection, or the presence of illegal or dangerous substances, will be prosecuted according to the law and the competent authorities will be immediately informed.