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WBS is an innovative start-up addressed to the luxury turism. We offer a waste disposal service to maxi-yatchs moreed in roadstead.
WBS is able to satisfy tourist and commercial requests coming from nautical area, providing different ways to fix waste disposal issues

Reference regulation

The reference regulation for ship waste disposal at sea and ports is the legislative decree 24th June 2003 n. 182

“Implementation of guideline 2000/59/CE related to port reception facilities for ship generated waste and cargo residues”

Application field of the regulation

The regulation applies to ships, included trawlers and pleasure crafts regardless of their flag, operating or calling into a State port, with the exception of warships, naval auxiliaries or other ships owned or operated by the Contracting Government, only if used on Government non-commercial services and State ports where the vessels calls.

Definition of ship

The ship is a unit of any kind operating in marine environment, included the hydrofoils, air cushion vehicles, submarines, floating platforms and also trawlers and ports.


The Legislative Decree 182/2003 provides for the ship waste management to be run from managers of tourist port facilities, including buoy camps, both privates and public ones. Refuse similar to the urban waste, which are destined for recovery and not dangerous are also known as “garbage”.


“It is forbidden to dispose of materials of any kind at ports”

“It is prohibited to store waste on board of ships and floating platforms, as well as dispose of it into port areas and waters at a distance lower than the one agreed by the harbour master”

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